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“Free Advice on How to Be a Successful Online Student (.PDF)”

Studying for that big test? Wish you had more time? Wish you could remember what you had read? Do you need to know how to study biology or psychology? This site is for you! http://www.howtostudy.org/

An educational public service helping learners to succeed. http://www.studygs.net/

http://www.oln.org/ ... to the Ohio Learning Network ...Ohio's premiere e-learning site!

Online Learning Books:  This site provides a myriad of resources for online students – from "how to succeed in online classes" to "how to build an effective resume"  http://www.onlinelearningbooks.com/  

http://citationmachine.net/index.php?page=about “Citation Machine” is a free resource that enables you to enter the information about a source you want to quote along with the format you desire and the correct format will magically appear for your use!

http://www.sourceaid.com/ Another free source for formatting your citations correctly to avoid plagiarism in your written papers and reports.

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